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Mar 29, 2022

Black Friday vs Cyber Monday: Here’s How They are Different.

The popularity of Black Friday and Cyber Monday around the world is increasing with the addition of new countries in the list each year. But newbies don’t know the difference between these two biggest shopping days of the year. Here are some factors that differentiate these two annual shopping days:


Black Friday is the first Friday that comes after Thanksgiving. This day is the best for bargain shopping and everything in the respective retail stores is available at highly discounted prices. Black Friday is known for the sales of expensive and bigger items. 

Cyber Monday is the first Monday that comes after Black Friday. All the bargain shopping on Cyber Monday is done online where mostly electronic items and small appliances are up for discounts. 

Which One is Better?

None of these two days can be regarded as better than the other. Black Friday used to be more rewarding for retailers and shoppers but increasing online shopping trends and the recent pandemic has brought people to online platforms more than ever. 

Therefore, you can expect to save big on both days. Retailers who are using physical as well as online stores are getting the maximum rewards from both days. 

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