Mar 16, 2022

How to Have a Social Life Without Going Broke

Having a social life on a budget isn’t as hard as you think. You can still see your friends, do some weekend activities and even have a night out. 

Here are some ways you can still be social without letting your budget get the best of you…

  • Be the organiser

Saying no to plans can really be a let down especially when it has to do with being on a budget. If you are the organiser with your friends you can make plans that are cheaper alternatives or cost you nothing at all. 

  • Look into no-cost activities

This can include things like going on a picnic, going to a no-cost museum, take a hike, go to the beach or have a look at your local council website to see what free concerts and events are on around you. 

  • Open up your home

Set a trend with your friends to have a night in at each other’s places each week. You can watch movies, set up a platter or nibblies that you’ll already have at home and even cook dinner together. By starting this trend saves you money on eating out and each person will have a turn to host.

  • Try a hobbie you’ll all enjoy

Join a gym together, look for places around your state that offers you scenery for a nice day hike, start up a beach volleyball team, or take up a sport. This will cost you a fee to start with but it will save you on spending money going out to places that will cost you a whole lot more. 

With a bit of creativity and a willingness to adventure out and try new things, you can definitely maintain a social life on a budget – and it will be more fun too!

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